24 July 2009


yay more answers. robby yours are up next, then the rest of aeks and windy's and then there's a few questions that will get their own posts. thats how epic they are. i also have a few of shots i don't have answered also. and after reading through these i didn't answer two of mark's, so if you have any other questions i'd be glad to answer them.

Do you ever want to travel out of the country?
yes i want to travel around the world. if i could find someone who would pay for it then i would never stay in one place. i'm actually thinking about joing the peace corps or something similar when i finish with school.

If so then where are your 5 fave countries?
i wouldn't say these are my favorite five countries but these are the places i want to go to the most. i've always wanted to go to alasksa, but only during one of those 30 days of night periods. i really want to travel to Uganda one day also. its not one of the places you would call beautiful or that you hear about, but its somewhere i feel i need to visit one day and thats thanks to my participation in the invisible children organization. i would love to go to Australia or New Zealand and then somewhere in Asia like Vietnam or Malaysia.

If you could which language would you like to learn most?
i really wanna learn some more sign language. i know the basics and i know the alphabet so i think i'll try and teach myself some more. i'm trying to learn spanish at the moment also. my portuguese sucks but i can hold a decent conversation. so to answer the question i'd go with hmong. i have no clue when i would use it, but yeah. hmong.

Would you consider putting yourself on youtube? Not necessarily dancing just like documenting yourself or something.
yeah, i'm seriously thinking about doing that and slowly moving away from the blog format. maybe document my move from georgia to cali. so i'm pretty sure that i will ut myself and maybe a few of you on youtube one day.

What food would you say you regret eating (knowing you none). If not what's the nastiest thing you've ever tasted?
the nastiest thing i've ever eaten is brocoli. but the one thing i regret eating was the grape juice that turned out to be chocolate milk. the "how" is a longer and embarassing story but that one small carton of choclate milk is the reason i don't like chocolate today. i was traumatized as a child and now i don't eat chocolate.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? (fuckin hardest question ever)
yes it is, and i'm going to make it into a post of its on because i have a few similar questions.

What have you always wanted to learn but never got the chance to?
how to play the guitar and how to draw the perfect eye. i suck at eyes but i'm even worse at noses. i also want to learn how to DJ one day. thats another one of those long lists of hings i wanna be one day.

What X-men power would you want most? (Must actually name the X-man/Marvel character or you can go DC on me.)
DC sucks ass. i don't read their comics. i don't wwatch their shows. i'm a Marvel fan born and bred. and i'm gonna have to go with Rogue. she's always been my favorite X-Men and she now has her powers under control. what more could you ask for?

The Saturday's or Girls Aloud? (Don't answer this.)
how do you ask a question and then say don't answer it. yes my answer is pretty obvious, but i think only two people know how i would answer this. you and shots. so for those who don't know its all about the Saturdays. if you like great pop music then i would definately check out their debut album "Chasing Lights" its one of my favorites.

What's your favorite article of clothing?
it would have to be either athletic shorts or jogging pants. they're just really comfortable and i just feel good when i'm wearing them. i also think the sxiest thing a man could wear is jogging pants.

Do you have a childhood habit that you should have gotten rid of but haven't i.e. sucking your thumb, or carrying a blanky.
i was never a thumb sucker. i never carried a blanket. though my little brother has one and it goes wherever he goes and he's 14 now. so i don't think i have a childhood habit, atleast not one that i remember or one that would be considered bad.

What's the most 10 most played song on you iPod currently?
i actually have a last.fm account that you can look at to see all of my listening habits, but the most played songs on my ipod for the last 3 months are:
  • Blame It On Me by Chrisette Michele
  • When Love Takes Over by David Guetta ft. Kelly Rowland
  • Make Love by Keri Hilson
  • Gibberish by Ryan Leslie
  • Like a Surgeon by Ciara
  • Everytime by Britney Spears
  • Pretty Wings by Maxwell
  • First Love by Adele
  • Papparazzi by Lady GaGa
  • So Good by Day26
3 movies you've never seen but still want to.
fuck this is really hard cause i'm a movie buff and i want to say some classic films that people can go oooh and awww about but nothing is coming to mind. i wish i could say Fight Club but after you suggested it a few months ago i downloaded it, and its one of my favorites now. so i guess i'll go with Inglorius Bastards because i love anything Tarantino and he's the reason i want to become a director. the Veronica Mars movie because i love Kristen Bell and thats one of my favorite tv shows of all time. and lets go with Iron Man 2 or Spiderman 4, because i feel like these three movies basically sum me up as a person. Tarantino, Veronica Mars, and comic books. thats basically me.

How important is sex to you in a relationship? Will it make or break it?
this is a tough one. i've never been in a relationship without sex. all of my relationships started with sex and evolved into something more, but sex doesn't make or break a relationship for me. if i don't have that emotional connection then there will come a point where i'll get bored and will probbaly just stop having sex with the said person.

J. Lo's ass or Kim Kardashian's?
j.lo doesn't have an ass anymore. and i don't understand the whole obsession with kim kardashian. i'd take khloe anyday, she actually has a personality. but for the sake of the question i'd take jennifer lopez with or without the booty.

3 must see shows or one's that you're really into.
i'll just go with shows that are currently on tv or will be in the foll. i love anything joss whedon does and if you haven't seen Dollhouse on Fox then you're missing out on great television. i'm also a die hard Heroes fan. i've stuck with it since day one, and its gotten good again. and since i'm a reality tv buff i'm gonna have to say Tiny & Toya. i'm sure mark is the only person who reads this blog that knows what i'm talking about. but foreveryone else just turn to BET on Tuesday's at 9.

What would be your favorite weather conditions? The type that you go out and say it's a beautiful day.
i'm sure a lot of people will read this and be like "what a weird kid he is" but the perfect weather conditions for me would be a rainy day. i'm an aquarius and i love water. i'm afraid of big puddles of water like pools and oceans, but i love rain. a stormy day is one of the most beautiful things in the world to me. its just so calming if you just take the time to appreciate it. plus i grew up in the country and i like to run barefoot in the rain.

If you could choose a desk job or school which would you choose?
i don't think i've ever told anybody this online or even thought about talking about this. but i've always wanted to be a math teacher. i love math with a passion. and thought seriously about becoming a math teacher when i got my scholarship because it would allow me to go and get my doctorate or doctoral degree in education. so i would definately choose a job at a school over a desk job. even though i would be a dope secretary.


ScaredTriumph! said...

:'D"" These are great answers, even though Alaska is a state.

I'm not an aquarius, actually I'm an aries but I love foggy damp dreary days. I've always thought about moving to london because of this.

Fuckin awesome songs. Can't find my Ryan Leslie cd.

I'm so glad you didn't pick dc and I didn't know Rogue had control over her powers? When did that happen?

Math teacher FTW. I see you being good with kids. :)

I want to know about the chocolate milk thing.. I have a doughnut/spaghetti story for you.

super:D lol

J said...

hmmm so you comment, but i get no face time on MSN tonight. i guess this will havt to suffice.

i know alaska is a state. but i love my alaska.

i need to listen to my ryan leslie song but gibberish is usually on constant repeat and i still have no clue what the fuck he says.

and rogue gained control of her powers in the last arc of x-men legacy thats been goin on for the past four months, not including july. they even did a full splash of her and gambit finally kissing. SCORE.

i think id be good with kids, and i wanna hear this spaghetti/donut story. but my chocolate milk story will disappoint you cause its really simple and stupid. but it scarred me for life.

call.the.shots said...

HOLLA! @ the "learning Hmong" answer. And it's all about GIRLS ALOUD. The Saturdays may have 1 good album, but Girls Aloud have 5 GREAT PLATINUM ALBUMS and more hits to fill up a Saturdays album.

x! said...

If you had exactly 20 minutes to live, what would you do?

If you had to choose between blind or deafness, what would you choose? Why?

Why did you want to become an artist?

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Most underrated sex position? Overrated?

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