21 July 2009


my cousin knows i'm gay. i kinda figured she did after she kept stealing my phone which had some questionable photos. no penises, i deleted all of those, but a few topless guys could be found on my phone. damn that asian blogger and his need to show off.

but either way she knows. and i figured she knew a while back and i know my family. they're the type to hold onto information until they see a chance to use it and hurt you the most. and thats what my cousin is doing. but she confirmed the fact she knew i was gay yesterday during an argument we were having. so now i'm preparing for my life to self destruct in three



either way i'm okay. she knows i'm gay. oh well. i'm MUTHAFUCKIN J. and i know things. things she doesn't know. things she doesn't want to know. tings that will fuck with her mind. but yeah, i guess my secrets out.

currently listening to Song and Cry by Jaydiohead


Aek said...

Bah, silly cousin. I hope there won't be any crashing and burning in this aftermath.

x! said...

Do away with her.

call.the.shots said...

3 words my boy: CHOKE A BITCH!

ExaminedLife said...

Get some dirt on her. Anybody checkin' up on you probably has some of their own skeletons