12 November 2008

Important People

In life we come across many people, but only a select few get a chance to make an impact on our lives. These are the people who have helped shape me into the man I am becoming now.

The first love of my life. We're no longer together, but I will forever and always love this girl. There's just something special about her, whether she knows it or not. She's also my best friend for life. I love this girl, but I fuckin' hate her guts.

I've never met this guy in life, but from our conversations and internet chats he's truly something special. I've told him things that I've never told anybody in my life. If I had to say one person knows me, I think he knows me better than most.

My first boy crush in a while. He was a fellow art student, and a great guy. I truly felt I was falling in love with him, but he had a boyfriend so we're just friends.

Former high school enemy, but turned out to be a great friend. She's one of the only people I make a point to talk to on a daily basis. She's up there with K, and as of late may be higher on my friend list. Only problem is she has a drinking problem, but I lover her anyway.

A high school buddy. Is more country than I am, but it looks good on her. Has an affinity for the nicer things in life, and is a great cook. Her only flaw is she's a little racist. But she has two black friends--me and K-- so she can make an argument that she's not racist.

College buddy that I'm glad I met. She's from Canada, but grew up in the south. The only thing that kept me sane in drawing class, because we both sucked equally at drawing.

Another college art buddy. She's really something special. Obsessed with the spice girls, but she offered me a room at her house over the summer so she's good people.

College Portuguese partner, and all around boy next door. Messed around a few time, but now I'm the best man for his fall wedding. Go figure.

First best friend in life. Went to the same college, but lost contact. But when we get around each other its second grade all over.

A guy I thought would be my boyfriend, but life had a different plan. Now we don't even acknowledge each other.

A very scientific guy. Has helped me on more than one occasion in life, plus he's a future doctor which means he's at the top of my "wife me up list."

Random ass guy. I plan to kidnap him from cow city and take him to Iowa to marry me against his will. I love this kid, too bad he doesn't love me back.

Other internet buddies, way to many to count so click here to find out about them.


x! said...


Just not in a gonna kidnap you to Iowa marry you kind of way.