26 July 2009


these questions comes from robby over at overrated integrity.
How do you define liberty?
liberty is probably a word i've only used in school. it may even be apart of the pledge, but i'm not sure since i haven't said it since graduation. i'm not even sure what the word really means. to me it's just a character on degrassi, something you've probably never heard of. so i took the time to look up the word just to see how webster defines it which basically comes to the condition of being free from restrcition or control. which basically means liberty does not exist. there's no way possible liberty could exist in the modern world, if it did the world would cease to exist. there would be chaos and mass hysteria. so i can't define liberty because i don't think liberty exists.

What purpose do emotional connections have?
i think the only purpose of emotional connections is to make us feel human. to feel like we matter and we're a part of something. they help us feel important. feel needed. they just help us feel. if i didn't have any emotional connections then i don't think life would be worth living. why live if you there's no point. i think these emotional connections give us a reason to live.

Are you an individual archetype, or just a collection of thoughts and impulses?
i'm just a collection of thoughts and impulses. i find myself thinking a lot. 70 percent of the time that's what i'm doing. just thinking. and most of the time its about very random things or about things i can't control. and the other 30 percent of the time its me acting out on these impulses, which inturn makes me think even more. because the impulses are usually not good impulses. i never get the impulse to just clean my room or read a book. its always something like that i shouldn't be doing.

Which is better, pure reason, or conceptual understanding?
conceptual understanding is better at least i think so. you can have a great reason to do something, but if no one understands why you did it then there really wasn't a point to do it. and if it goes horribly wrong then how can we know how to stop it the next time or fix it.

Why do people, in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, still cling to the bronze age belief in god?
i think its quite simple and obvious while people still believe in "the bronze age" belief in god. and it comes down to three simple thins. they believe, they fear, or they do as they're told. those who bellieve, do just that. they truly believe that god is real and thats all that matters. all the evidence in the world could say that god isn't real, but it wouldn't matter because they just believe. they have faith. then there are those who fear. the fear that there's a chance that god could actually exist, so if they don't believe they fear what may happen at the last judgement. and then there are those who just do as they're told. they were brought up with the belief that god is real, so they believe that. whether they truly believe he's real or not doesn't matter. they were taught to believe so they continue believing it.

How would the world change if we discovered the existence of an intelligent extraterrestrial civilization?
i think earth would implode. i'm pretty sure we would try to attack the extraterrestrial for fear they're gonna attack us and wipe us off first. they're will probably be a wave of suicides and many will say that the end of days are near. but personally, i would be excited about it. i think its stupid for us to think we're the only lifeform in the universe.

Does reality exist apart from your perception of it or is reality defined by your perception?
i think reality is defined by your own perception. cause in my reality god is real but in yours god is just a fictional character. i think people have a standard for what everyones reality should be like and if yours doesn't agree with it then there's something wrong with you. i think everyones reality is slighty different and is shaped by life expriences.

Define good and evil.
i don't think there's a thing as good and evil. there's no one who is truly evil and there is no one that is truly evil. they're just labels people use sometimes. i think the world is just a huge grey area.

Define thought.
thought is the act of thinking.


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