19 July 2009


i'm switching things up for the next few weeks. instead of talking about all the depressing times in my life i'm just gonna answer the questions a few people submitted. after i make the move to cali then i'll go back to the regular format. so if you have any other questions don't be afraid to submit them.

these questions come from windy city

why this stupid ask me a question list?
for the simple fact that my life has been depressing the past few weeks, and my love for blogging has been waning for a few weeks. so this is the easiest way to keep me in the blogging world, but also a way to let people get to know me a little better.

have you ever been paid for sex?
for me the definition of sex is anything with penetration so i wouldn't include oral sex if someone asked me if i had sex. so i've never been paid for sex. but i have been paid to give a guy a blowjob. i didn't ask for the money, but he gave it to me anyway. i think i blogged about it back in december. i never spent the money and i think i ended up giving it to some homeless guy, because i felt dirty and cheap afterwards.

have you ever paid for ssex?
i've never paid for sex. i'm way too cheap to do that.

who's your favorite porn star?
i'm not really big on studio porn but if i had to choose i like diesel washington and a few of the guys from the active duty stuff. mostly cole and damien.

who have you fucked that you won't admit to?
there's only one person that i've had sex with that i will never admit to anyone about. i'm not embarassed that we had sex and i'm not ashamed of the fact either. it was during high school and some of the best sex i've ever had, but to this day i've never told anyone about it.

Have you ever fingered yourself?
i've fingered myself a few times. its one of those rites of passage you have to do at least once in your life as a gay teen. its like riding a bike, if you don't try it then how do you know if you like it or not.

Do you own any sex toys?
i'm embarassed to admit this but i do own one sex toy. i got it late one night when i was coming from wal-mart and i noticed this sex store so i decided to stop in and take a look around. i was kinda disappointed in the sex shop, but that didn't stop me from buying a dildo. so thats my only sex toy, and i've had it for about four or five months now, but i'm embarassed to admit to that. DONT JUDGE ME.

Have you ever eaten your own cum?
i've tasted my cum twice. both times were by accident and unexpected, but it wasn't a bad thing. but i have this mental block that stops me from trying to taste my cum again, something in my mind just won't let me taste it so i don't know what it taste like now. and i guess the same thing can be same about swallowing other guys. i can't remember the last time i swallowed a guy, because i use to be crazy about that.

Have you ever videotaped yourself having sex?
to my knowledge i've been videotaped three times. none of these tapes exist anymore because i destroyed all of them in my attempt to become a respectable young man that my moms and this guy i was crushing on could be proud of. i think i've blogged about one of the times i not all three on the blog, but i'll have to go back and check.

Have you ever had group sex?
i've experienced group sex on several occasions. i don't see anything wrong with it and i've had fun each time i was apart of it. back in high school there were a few threesomes i was aprt of with A and one of his friends, and then there was that one night that ended up being recorded between me, Rick, and the lovely Julio.

i think i'll end the questions here for the moment. if theres anything you want to know just ask, i'll answer them as honestly as i can.

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Aek said...

Nothing embarrassing about owning a sex toy. >.>