24 June 2009

i wish #2

  1. i wish i never started this blog.
  2. i wish i could be 100 percent honest with all of you.
  3. i wish i was in cali now.
  4. i wish you never crashed, i wish i never heard the truth, i wish i never thought you were dead, i wish i never shed that tear.
  5. i wish you weren't pregnant, because you don't need to be. i wish i was there for you right now. i wish i could whisk you away like they do in the fairytales so you would never be hurt. i wish i told you how much i loved you when i had a chance. i wish i fell for you and not her. i wish you would get off that stuff now more then ever, if not for you, then for the baby. i wish i was with you.
  6. i wish it was okay to be gay.
  7. i wish it was okay to be black.
  8. i wish i didn't like the saturdays.
  9. i wish i could be honest with you.
  10. i wish i could see britney live in concert.
  11. i wish you believed i was serious.
  12. i wish these chills would go away.
  13. i wish i could stay sober.
  14. i wish a lot of shit.
  15. i wish i knew what i wanted.
  16. i wish i was with you.
  17. i wish wishes came true.
currently listening to Chills by Fatty Koo


Aek said...

I wish we all find the serenity we seek.

Cash said...

A good 9 of the 17 are very much a possible reality ( for you). Just gotta look.

Randy said...


wishes do come true, u need to stop thinking on shit too much, and have fun in life...

J said...

thats where youre wrong, i need to START thinking on shit and slow down on the fun.