01 June 2009


i posted a response to a question over on intoxicated resonance, and after speaking with my friend about it and reading the comments i feel i was misunderstood.

when i said my life is pretty insignificant, i didn't mean that my life was worthless. my life is worth a lot to me and to a few others in my life. i didn't mean insignificant in a bad way, when i said it was my lame attempt at being funny. but my sense of humor is hard to get at times, this being one of them.

someone also pointed out to me that when i lump trivial things like losing my virginity, a yellow t-shirt, and learning how to drive with things such as graduating and going off to college it lessens the importance of the latter. but to me they're all important and pretty significant things in my life, and helped shape who i am today.

i keep telling myself i lost my virginity when i was fourteen, but to be honest it was probably before that. but it depends on what you consider sex. fourteen is too young to be having sex and definitely too young to be doing some of the things i participated in. so yes, losing my virginity was pretty significant.

teaching myself how to drive is something else i pride myself in. my dad was never around to teach me things that only a father can teach a son. how to tie a tie, change a tire, etc. and being that my moms is kinda bipolar and easily frustrated, she could never teach me how to drive. to this day i hate driving with her in the car, because she likes to yell a lot and i'm not a good driver when someone is yelling at me. i'm not a good person when someone is yelling at me. so that was also important.

and the yellow t-shirt is probably the most significant thing that has happened in my nineteen years of life. but i'll save that for another day.

maybe. probbaly....not likely. but definately maybe.

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Anonymous said...

see j this is why i tell you all the time you need to work on your expression when writing. if your expression was more clear and concise ppl would not misunderstand you so much.

anyways no one can tell you what is significant or insignificant to you because they have not walked a mile in your shoes. you what effect each had on you and hence you are the only one ideally placed to judge their significance. i dont count graduating from university as a significant achievement because it was something that i always knew would happen. shrug. we are all individuals and our experiences are all unique because of how we respond to them.

head up problem chile!

Aek said...

*Pokes* Hi. I'm mildly bored. :-/

You know what, I should draw. God damn I should draw.

Doomed But Cheerful! said...

I was wondering about that yellow t-shirt, and can't wait to hear about it.

Irony on the web is often overlooked or misconstrued. Maybe it needs a tag, like "jk" ... "irny" perhaps!

Have a wonderful day.
G =]