05 June 2009

i like sex

is that a bad thing? i hope not, but there are some things i need to control. like when i meet a guy that i think i could like. my first impulse cannot be to drop to my knees and open my mouth wide. i don't think my future hubby would appreciate that. but you have to admit, that would be a great story to tell the grandkids.

¿abuelo x, cómo usted y abuelo j se encontraron?

little carlito, i've told you about speaking that foreign talk. grandpa only knows ENGLISH. but the way me and granpa met is kinda compliated. you see, i was walking through circle K looking for some pitas and i tripped over something. i looked down and it was your grandpa, on his knees, in the middle of the aisle, with his mouth wide open. and i knew then that he was the one for me.

i mean that would be a great "how i met your father" story. but like i said, i like sex i just wish i could get it under control more. because i met this guy that i may like. lets call him MOTEL. i think the reason i like him is because we didn't have sex the first time we met. we just made out a lot, and i may have given him a blowjob. all i know is we didn't have sex, and i developed a crush on him that i thought he shared. but either way if he calls me back then thats good, if not. meh.

well motel has an uncle. and he's been staying with this uncle for the summer sorta as a house sitter. here's where the problem comes in. i've had sex with motel's uncle twice now. i met motel's uncle, before i met motel. i don't know whether motel and his uncle know they're both gay or if they both know that i know both of them. i just hope i never get caught in the same place with both of them.

so here's my dilemma.
  • i like motel for all the right reasons, but he doesn't call me
  • i like motel's uncle for all the wrong reasons, but he calls
  • i like sex
if motel calls me, then i'll leave his uncle alone.

currently listening to the E.N.D. by the Black Eye Peas


Aek said...

Woah woah woah, sex with both the uncle and the guy? o_O What a tangled web you've found yourself in.

Maybe you should just make peace with the situation and invite yourself into a 3-some. ;-) J/k.

Anonymous said...

Interesting situation. I hope it doesn't blow up. I hope he calls you back.

I hope I like sex. I'll find out this weekend!

J said...

i haven't had sex with motel yet, we jus made out and talked a lot. and i'm sure you'll like sex too S, its one of those things i think everyone can find something in it to like.